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Are you seeking to better understand your team’s underlying strengths? Or hoping to increase awareness around individual differences in a positive or strengths-based way?

If so, a facilitated strengths-based workshop might be the positive experience you are looking for.

What are 'strengths' exactly?

Strengths are defined as those things we “perform well at, find energising, and do frequently”. 

They are said to represent the way our brains are ‘wired’ to perform at its best, and the things we are intrinsically motivated to do.

When using their unique strengths, employees often feel more energised, satisfied and alive. They feel as though they are doing things that ‘light them up’, rather than feel drained or overwhelmed. 

Why focus on strengths?

The answer is pretty simple. A growing body of research in the field of positive psychology suggests that providing employees with opportunities to regularly use and develop their strengths results in a number of benefits – for both individuals and the business.

strengths workshops

These include higher levels of engagement, motivation, productivity, and well-being, and lower levels of turnover and stress.

In fact, more and more organisations are recognising the value associated with helping people to do more of those things they are already good at and enjoy – rather than continually focusing on addressing or developing areas of ‘weakness’.

Indeed, it is commonly stated that employees are the greatest asset of any organisation. However, this is only true of those who are fully engaged and productive, and effectively utilising ALL of their talents and skills.

Benefits of regular strengths use

Research reflects a number of significant benefits that can be gained from individuals identifying, understanding and regularly using their key strengths. Examples are:

Increased levels of confidence & self-efficacy

Greater productivity & customer satisfaction

Higher engagement & retention levels, greater purpose

Reduced stress & anxiety, more positive emotions

“Your strengths represent the way your brain is wired to perform at its best.”

Buckingham & Clifton, 2001


We provide facilitated strengths assessments and workshops to teams, groups and organisations who want support in identifying and exploring their individual and collective strengths. 
Our sessions are all facilitated by registered psychologists who hold certification in the relevant strengths assessments and tools, as well as significant experience in a range of other leadership capability and development programs. 
If you are interested in learning more about using strengths to more effectively utilise the potential of your people, feel free to reach out. 

Why work with us?

Given our formal qualifications and experience in Organisational Psychology, we bring a depth of understanding in human behaviour to our work with individuals, teams, and organisations. In working with you, we are also able to draw upon our broad experience and knowledge in the areas of leadership development, neuroscience, positive psychology, employee motivation and performance, and behavioural change.