Strengths Assessments & Coaching


Do you want to become happier, more engaged, and more productive at work?  

Are you keen to do more of those things that really ‘light you up’, and make you feel energised, satisfied and alive?

Our strengths based assessment and coaching programs can help you to identify, explore and more effectively utilise your key strengths and talents. In today’s busy, demanding and always ‘switched on’ environment, finding ways to maximise your potential, performance and effectivess through leveraging your existing strengths is becoming increaingly important.

In fact, more and more organisations are recognising the value associated with helping people to do more of those things they are already good at and enjoy – rather than continually focusing on addressing or developing areas of ‘weakness’.


What are ‘strengths’?

Strengths are defined as those things which you “perform well at, find energising, and do frequently” (Linley, 2010). They are said to represent the way your brain is “wired” to perform at it’s best (Buckingham & Clifton, 2001), and the things you are intrinsically motivated to do (Shahar, 2009).

Why focus on strengths?  The answer is pretty simple. Because a growing body of research in the field of positive psychology suggests that providing employees with opportunities to regularly use and develop their strengths results in a number of significant benefits for both individuals and organisations. These include higher levels of engagement, motivation, productivity, and well-being, and lower levels of turnover and stress.

Benefits of Strengths Based Assessments & Coaching

Research reflects a number of significant benefits that can be gained from individuals identifying, understanding and regularly using their key strengths. Examples are:


Increased levels of confidence & self-efficacy

Increased productivity, customer satisfaction & profitability


Reduced stress & anxiety, more positive emotions

Higher engagement & retention levels, greater purpose

Can you identify your top strengths?

Despite these benefits, research also suggests that only around one third of individuals can identify and name their strengths.

In contrast, many people can easily name their ‘weaknesses’ – which isn’t surprising given the disproportionate amount of money, time and effort invested by many organisations on trying to address these.

 “Your strengths represent the way your brain is wired to perform at its best.”  (Buckingham & Clifton, 2001)

The business case for developing strengths

But here’s the problem – rewiring our brains in a way that genuinely leads to increased performance, skill, and behavioural changes in areas of ‘weakness’ is really hard.

In fact, estimates suggest that it can take anywhere between 8,000 – 10,000 hours of dedicated effort and deliberate practice to ‘fix’ a weakness. This translates to 1-2 hours of effort every single day for around 8-10 years.

Do you really have that much time to invest in your development?  And what impact does continually thinking about areas of ‘weakness’ have on your motivation, engagement, and satisfaction at work?

In contrast, consider the benefits of using your existing strengths in a way that helps you to feel more energised, motivated and engaged at work every single day.

It is commonly stated that employees are the greatest asset of any organisation – however, this is only true of those who are fully engaged and productive, and effectively utilising their talents and skills.

Indeed, Gallup’s extensive research also illustrates clear ‘bottom line’ benefits resulting from engaged and happy employees, with higher levels of engagement linked to increased profitability, customer satisfaction, and productivity.

Given all of this, can you really afford not to truly understand, use, and further develop your strengths?

Strengths Based Assessments & Programs

At Flourishing Minds Consulting we offer a range of self-directed and facilitated programs and services designed for individuals, teams, and organisations who want to identify and explore key strengths and discover reliable and ‘busy-proof’ strategies for more regularly using their core skills and talents.

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