Organisational Values


Organisational values help to define what really matters most to your business, employees, and customers. 


A well-defined, meaningful and engaging set of organisational values can help in shaping a positive culture where employees are all on the ‘same page’.

They create a shared understanding of what really matters most to your organisation, and why.

Organisational values can also strengthen connection and alignment across employee groups, creating a shared sense of purpose and commitment to a broader vision.

They help to create clarity around the guiding principles that should underpin the everyday behaviours, interactions, and decisions of your employees and leaders.


Bringing employees on the values journey…


In our view, too many organisations fail to engage their employees in the process of establishing or defining organisational values, resulting in limited understanding or commitment to truly  ‘living’ the values.

Another common mistake involves creating a set of great values – but without creating opportunities for employees to explore their meaning and relevance in the context of their everyday roles.

In these situations an organisation’s values end up being represented only by the posters on the wall … or the words included at the bottom of an email signature. 

Our ideal clients are those who hope to bring employees on the values journey from the outset. 


What we offer


If you are seeking to identify, define, or embed a unique set of relevant and meaningful organisational values for your business, we can help. 

We offer support in the development and implementation of organisational values initiatives, including the design and facilitation of tailored organisational values workshops and consultation sessions.

Depending on your specific needs, these activities can be focused on: 


Defining Organisational Values

Identifying and defining a set of meaningful values for your organisation, including associated behaviours 


Gathering Values Feedback

Gathering employee feedback on a set of existing or proposed organisational values 

Refreshing Organisational Values

Seeking insight on ways to ‘refresh’ or renew current organisational values, to ensure their ongoing relevance 


Embedding Organisational Values

Helping employees to engage with the values, and explore ways to truly ‘live and breathe’ them in their everyday roles  and context 


Supporting Values Based Leadership

Training leaders and managers in providing values-based feedback, and holding conversations that support a values driven culture

Why work with us?


We have significant experience in designing and facilitating a range of organisational development initiatives, including those relating to organisational values and purpose.

As formally registered and qualified Organisational or Corporate Psychologists, we bring a depth of understanding in human behaviour to our work with individuals, teams, and organisations.

In working with you, we are also able to draw upon our broad experience and knowledge in the areas of leadership development, neuroscience, positive psychology, employee motivation and performance, and behavioural change.

To learn more or get in touch about your specific needs, contact us today.