Leadership Assessment & Development


We have significant experience in the design and delivery of customised leadership assessment and development solutions aimed at building capability, strengthening leadership performance, and pinpointing critical development needs.

Along with useful and objective business ‘intelligence’, assessment data can be used to design tailored and specific development plans that meet the unique needs of different participants (rather than adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach). In turn, this creates opportunities to work with existing strengths and potential growth opportunities in a way that is relevant, engaging, and practical for employees, and helps organisations to get more ‘bang for their buck’.

Importantly, our approach to Leadership and Developmental Assessments also takes an organisation’s broader strategy, vision, and commercial objectives in mind, focusing on both current and future challenges and opportunities.

What tools are typically used in Leadership Assessments?


A broad range of tools and methodologies can be used as part of a leadership assessment, with more comprehensive approaches typically requiring a greater investment of time and resources. Integrating at least 2-3 sources of information is usually recommended – as this allows for a more holistic evaluation of participants’ relative strengths and development needs. Including a focus on strengths can also be instrumental in maintaining levels of engagement, motivation, and participation.

Below are some examples of tools typically used in Leadership Assessment & Development initiatives – for guidance on those most appropriate given your needs and budget, get in touch.


Personality & Behavioural Style

Personality assessments gather information about an individual’s underlying preferences, motivations, temperament, and behavioural tendencies


Learning Agility

These tools can measure an individual’s likely focus on gathering feedback, experimenting with new ideas, taking measured risks, and demonstrating flexibility

360 Degree Surveys

360 Degree Surveys are used to provide participants with feedback around others’ perceptions of their behaviours (e.g. peers, colleagues, direct reports, customers, etc.)


Role Plays & Simulations

Simulations provide opportunties to measure interpersonal skills &  capabilities ‘in practice’ (e.g. coaching, influencing, customer focus, stakeholder management, etc.)

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence assessments explore an individual’s ability to accurately identify, understand, and manage their own and others’ emotions

Cognitive Ability

Aptitude assessments typically provide information about an individual’s ability to process information, analyse qualitative and quantitative data, and solve complex or novel problems


Strengths Assessments

Strengths assessments focus on identifying and exploring individual strengths and talents, also exploring those attributes considered as ‘learned behaviours’

Feedback and Reporting Options


Of course, a critical component of any leadership assessment and development initiative is feedback and reporting.

Again, options here can be tailored to suit an organisation’s specific needs and requirements. Generally, we recommend 1-2 feedback sessions be conducted with participants and / or their managers, HR, or key sponsors, allowing for appropriate insights, reflection, and development planning.

These sessions are facilitated by an experienced psychologist and include a clear focus on setting development goals that are realistic, feasible, and likely to yield positive outcomes for the organisation. Both strengths and development opportunities are incorporated into a participant’s customised and tailored development plan.

A range of options for reporting also exist, depending on an organisation’s budget and requirements. Examples include Comprehensive Development Reports, Summary Reports, and / or Developmental Priority Lists.


Our Experience


Our consultants are all Masters-qualified Business or Organisational psychologists with significant experience in designing, implementing and delivering leadership development solutions for a range of public and private sector organisations.

We are always happy to answer any questions you might have and provide further information.  If you would like to know more, please contact us today.