Career Coaching Services


Are you looking for new opportunities?  Recently made redundant?

Perhaps you are thinking about a possible change of career direction but don’t know where to start, or you are a mother trying to re-enter the workforce after a career break.

Navigating these kinds of challenges alone can be difficult. If you are looking for professional and personalised guidance and support while trying to move forward in your career, we can help.

​We offer a range of Career Coaching Services with options available to suit your unique and specific requirements.

For those who require just a little bit of support or advice, we can provide one-off Career Coaching Consultations focused on those specific topics or issues that are most relevant to you right now.

We also offer more comprehensive Career Coaching Packages for those who have particularly challenging career goals and objectives or are seeking to work in partnership with a career coach over the longer term.​


What can I expect from a Career Coaching Consultation?

During an individual Career Coaching Consultation, some advice and guidance on any of the following topics can be provided – depending on your specific needs and requirements:

Career Goals & Objectives

We can help you to identify your short & long-term career goals, and develop a plan for taking your career in the right direction.

Interview Preparation Skills

We can teach you how to more effectively prepare for job interview, and provide guidance on interview “do’s and don’ts”.

Resume Reviews & Advice

We can provide you with tips, reviews & advice on preparing a keyword-rich resume that is relevant, compelling, and applicant tracking system ‘friendly’.

Interviewing Coaching

We can help you to more effectively present and ‘sell’ yourself during both standard and ‘behavioural’ or competency-based interviews.

Job Search Strategies

We’ll help you to understand a range of different strategies for finding potential opportunities in both the advertised and ‘hidden’ job market.

Networking & Marketing Skills

We can assist you in identifying and marketing your personal strengths, achievements and ‘transferable’ skills.

Values, Motives & Drivers

By exploring your underlying motives, drivers, and values, we can help you to identify those roles & organisations most likely to represent a good ‘fit’ for you.

Job Research Skills

We can teach you strategies for conducting research into specific roles and industries, and developing insightful questions to ask potential employers.

LinkedIn Training & Tutorials

We can provide training an tutorials on building an effective LinkedIn profile, and using LinkedIn to identify opportunities and expand your professional network.

Preparing Cover Letters & Job Applications

We can provide you with guidance on preparing effective and tailored job application and cover letters that target key requirements for the role.

Further Education & Training Options

We can help you to explore different options for additional training, education, and professional skill development in order to advance your career.

Responding to Selection Criteria

We can provide you with tips and guidance on addressing selection criteria and applying for jobs within the public sector.

Have you recently been made redundant?

Our online course Successfully Navigating Redundancy: A Practical, Step-by-Step Guide provide individuals with cost effective, ongoing, and easily accessible advice and support for navigating the redundancy process and getting a new job.

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Why choose to work with us?

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and responsiveness when working with different individuals.  After all, every individual (including you) is unique in terms of their specific skills, preferences, motivation, and stage of life and career.  Consequently, we tailor our Career Coaching services to suit you rather than adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Furthermore, our Career Coaches are formally qualified and registered Business Psychologists with significant experience in coaching, professional development, and career transition.  With these skills we can help you to identify the attributes, strengths and qualities that are most likely to help you secure new opportunities and move forward in your career.  Working with us will result in greater confidence when it comes to ‘marketing’ yourself to recruiters and potential employers.

Perhaps most importantly – we are passionate about helping individuals to overcome challenges in their professional lives in order to grow and ‘flourish’.

Feel free to get in touch anytime for a confidential, no obligation discussion about our Career Coaching services.