Career Transition & Outplacement


Is your business undergoing significant change?

If you need to support your employees through a difficult period of change or transition, we can help.

We understand that making the decision to transition employees from the business is a difficult one, and that most organisations want to provide affected employees with support while they get back on their feet.

We also understand that as a business, it’s important to manage your reputation and minimise any negative impact resulting from downsizing decisions.

In working with us, you can rest assured that your employees will be in safe, professional hands.


Career Transition & Outplacement Services

We offer a range of personalised and flexible, one-on-one Career Transition and Outplacement programs with options available to support employees at all levels within an organisation.  We can provide relevant forms of assistance to staff on the ‘front line’ right up to those at the executive or senior leadership level.

Unlike some other outplacement providers, we are dedicated to providing a range of tailored and flexible options that suit the specific needs of each organisation and employee group.  As such, we do not offer off-the-shelf, ‘one size fits all’ outplacement programs, but instead spend time exploring your needs before proposing potential solutions.

We also know from experience that every individual’s path to finding new opportunities will be different.  As such, even after a specific combination of services is chosen, we will deliver these in a way that flexibly responds to each individual’s changing needs.


Ongoing, 24/7 access to support & resources

Another option that distinguishes us from other providers is our Successfully Navigating Redundancy online program, which is available to all participants who take up one of our programs.

The course provides participants with a lot of the same practical advice, resources, support and information they would typically receive during one-on-one career consultation or outplacement support sessions. This information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and for as long as required.  Our consultants also act as ‘course instructors’, providing support when participants have queries about the content in the various lessons.

Access to the Successfully Navigating Redundancy course allows participants to start taking positive action immediately – they don’t need to wait until their first one-on-one career transition session.  The range of tools and resources available also means that participants can really make the most of any one-on-one sessions, therefore getting maximum benefit from the support provided by our experienced business psychologists and career development practitioners.

For organisations, this option means that you are getting more for your money, and you can rest assured that employees will be supported for longer than the standard 4, 8, or 12-week period offered by the majority of providers.  For more information on why we developed this option, read this article.


Choosing the right type of support

Options available within outplacement packages include one-on-one career transition sessions with a registered business psychologist or career development pracitioner, group career transition & outplacement workshops, and access to the online Successfully Navigating Redundancy course.

We can also attend on-site notifications when required, providing both the affected employee/s and the relevant manager, business owner or HR professional/s with support.  Our experience suggests that providing assistance right from the outset results in significant benefits for both the employer and employee/s, due to the ability to more carefully manage the impact of the situation.

For a confidential discussion about the options most likely to suit your needs, contact us on or (03) 8669 1691.


Career Transition & Outplacement Programs

Whilst we flexibly adapt each program to meet individual needs, our programs typically involve support in the following areas:


Managing Emotions

Strategies for managing emotions & remaining optimistic and motivated during the job search process


Resume Preparation

Tips, advice & review of resume content, format, and keywords


Job Search Strategies

Using job search engines, sourcing opportunities via social media and networking, and identifying roles within the ‘hidden’ job market


Interviewing Skills

Advice, support & practice in handling standard and structured behavioural / competency-based interviews


Responding to Selection Criteria

Tips & guidance for formally responding to requests to address selection criteria


LinkedIn Tutorials

Guidance on how to use LinkedIn to find opportunities, build a network, and market yourself


Networking & Marketing Skills

Strategies for identifying & ‘selling’ personal strengths, achievements, and transferable skills


Building a Support Network

Strategies for building a support network while navigating the redundancy process


Cover Letters & Job Applications

Support in developing compelling, tailored job application letters


Job Research Skills

How to conduct research into specific roles, industries, and opportunities, and develop insightful questions to ask potential employers


Job Search Strategies

Using job search engines, sourcing opportunities via social media and networking, and identifying roles within the ‘hidden’ job market


Working with Recruitment Agencies

Tips, advice, and support for working with recruitment agencies & search firms


Confidence & Motivation

Strategies for remaining optimistic & motivated during the job search process


Further Education & Training Options

Exploration of options for additional upskilling, training or education

Why choose to work with us?

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and responsiveness when working with different individuals.  After all, every individual is unique in terms of their specific skills, preferences, motivation, and stage of life and career – as such, adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach is usually ineffective, and results in little benefit for affected employees.

Another point of difference in working with us is that all of our programs and services are delivered by formally qualified and registered Business Psychologists or Career Development practitioners, all of whom have significant experience and are registered with the Career Development Association of Australia.  As such, we are well placed to provide employees with the required confidence, emotional support, and practical assistance while finding their way forward.

We have also been chosen as a preferred provider by Career Money Life.

Working from a range of locations, we are able to provide support at a range of co-working and community spaces across Melbourne.  Depending on location, support can also be offered onsite, at your organisation’s premises.

We know how difficult it can be to make downsizing decisions, so let us support you.  For more information or a confidential discussion, contact us today.