360 Degree Feedback Surveys


if you are considering running a 360 Degree Feedback Survey within your organisation, we can help.

We have extensive experience in designing, implementing, and providing individual and group feedback for 360 Degree Feedback Survey projects within a broad range of public and private sector organisations, and at various levels (including executive and senior leadership level).

Consequently, we have a good understanding of those factors that can significantly impact the likely success (or otherwise) of a 360 Degree Survey project, including issues relating to confidentiality, communication, and the extent to which an organisation, team, or individual is ‘ready’ for a 360 Degree Feedback process.

Indeed,  our experience suggests that many organisations underestimate the significant way in which a 360 Degree Feedback process can negatively impact employee motivation and engagement – if not handled well, that is.

Many also overlook the benefits of partnering with an external provider in order to:


Guarantee that appropriate levels of confidentiality are maintained


Create a safe environment for employees to provide one another with feedback


Ensure that feedback is provided to individuals by suitably qualified and objective professionals


In choosing to work with us, you will certainly receive all of those benefits. In fact, our Consultants are all formally registered and qualified Organisational or Business Psychologists with years of experience in coaching and developing professionals, leaders and executives within organisational settings.

Furthermore, we can also provide advice on integrating 360 Degree Feedback Surveys with other sources of information and data, assisting those organisations who wish to use 360 feedback as part of a broader Leadership Assessment and Development program.


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We offer a flexible, customised approach to working with organisations who wish to develop and administer 360 Degree Feedback Surveys – providing as little or as much support as is required. Furthermore, we are always happy to share our knowledge and experience in order to help clients identify solutions that effectively meet their needs.

As a small, flexible business we are able to offer highly competitive pricing whilst still providing a tailored and responsive service.

For more information or a friendly chat about your survey needs, feel free to contact us anytime.