Engage people in a different way of thinking and collaborating

Are you looking for a different, more engaging way to facilitate an important conversation? 

Lego® Serious Play® workshops are a creative, playful and engaging approach to facilitating communication, exploring issues, solving problems, and making decisions. 

As an experienced business psychologist and accredited Lego® Serious Play® facilitator, our founder Leisa Molloy can work with your business to design and deliver a unique Lego Serious Play workshop. A broad range of interesting and thought provoking topics could be explored depending on your specific needs. 

What are the benefits of using Lego® Serious Play®?

Everyone has a ‘voice’. One of the biggest benefits to using Lego® Serious Play® is that it creates ‘space’ for everyone to share their ideas and tell their story. The method allows everyone to build one or several models, with each participant sharing the story of their model while others listen and ask questions. In sessions where the group works together to build a shared model, the meaning of each participant’s individual contribution is preserved throughout the conversation. This helps to avoid that all-too-common scenario of quieter participants having their voices ‘drowned out’, creating opportunities for everyone to have a ‘voice’ in a more equitable way. 

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lego serious play melbourne

It facilitates open and honest discussion. An interesting outcome from Lego® Serious Play® sessions is that participants often feel more confident sharing their ideas and opinions with the broader group. Why? Because using the Lego bricks tends to ‘depersonalise’ the conversation to some extent. Participants attach meaning to this physical, tangible object they’ve created (i.e. the Lego model), adding this physical representation of their ideas to the collective conversation. The use of metaphors and stories also makes it easier for participants and groups to share their ideas and perspectives.  

The method is scientifically backed. It isn’t just about “play”. In fact, anyone who has experienced the power of a Lego® Serious Play® session has probably realised that the “serious” bit also gets a pretty good run. Having fun is just an added bonus. The method draws on extensive research and scientific principles from the fields of psychology, learning, neuroscience, and business.

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When should we use Lego® Serious Play®?

Ultimately, the method can be used in any type of business or industry, and at any level within an organisation. Having said this, there are certain types of issues, problems and questions that Lego® Serious Play® is most suited to.  Put simply, the method is most useful in the situations where…

You want to explore a complex topic or question to which there is no single ‘right’ answer or solution

You want everyone’s input (not just the loudest voices in the room or the people who always tend to speak up!)

Collaboration and co-creation are important for generating the most diverse and creative ideas and solutions  

You want to create higher levels of engagement and participation by breaking the usual dynamic of meetings and group conversations

What can I expect from a Lego® Serious Play® workshop?

While the context and topics may vary, Lego® Serious Play® sessions typically follow a set of key principles. 

The facilitator starts with a few warm-up activities by teaching the group the basic skills and principles of the approach. This helps to address the concerns of any participants who feel they aren’t ‘good’ at Lego. The group soon realises that the approach is all about using metaphors and stories – no Lego building skills (whatsoever) are required! 

The facilitator then guides participants through a series of key steps (Question, Build, Share and Capture) to explore the key questions or topics targeted during the session. Depending on the goal and context, a combination of individual and shared (i.e. group) ‘builds’ are completed. 

Importantly, every build includes an opportunity for participants to share the meaning and story of their model with the rest of the team, enabling 100% participation. The facilitator’s role is to encourage conversation, identify key insights, and ask clarifying questions to strengthen understanding. 

Ideally, a Lego® Serious Play® workshop includes 6-8 participants and one facilitator. While it is possible to run sessions with larger groups, participants will still work in smaller groups of 6-8 people during the session. The minimum length for a session is 2 to 2.5 hours. The facilitator brings all materials to the session, including a great big bag of Lego designed specifically for Lego® Serious Play® workshops! 


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Our LSP facilitator Leisa Molloy is an experienced and qualified business psychologist with over 15 years of experience delivering a range of initiatives in the areas of leadership, capability, employee engagement, talent, strengths, and leadership conversations. Along with this experience, her pragmatic approach and insights as an experienced psychologist make her particularly well placed to design and deliver Lego® Serious Play® workshops that have a strong ‘people’ or ‘team’ focus. 

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Given our formal qualifications and experience in Organisational Psychology, we bring a depth of understanding in human behaviour to our work with individuals, teams, and organisations. In working with you, we are also able to draw upon our broad experience and knowledge in the areas of leadership development, neuroscience, positive psychology, employee motivation and performance, and behavioural change.