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Individual, one-on-one support for leaders who want to build their skills and confidence in handling important workplace conversations.

are you looking for individual coaching?

If you are looking for some individual support, you might be interested in my Leadership Conversations Coaching Program.

In my experience, too many coaching and leadership programs fail to teach the fundamental communication and conversational skills that are really critical for great leadership – but also quite difficult to master. Thinking back on your career, were you ever explicitly taught skills in active listening, reading non-verbal cues, reflecting, demonstrating empathy, or asking open-ended or coaching questions? Or was it simply assumed that you somehow ‘knew’ how to do these things?

A lot of programs also overlook the difficulty associated with moving into a leadership role. Suddenly you’re expected to behave, communicate and respond to others in a whole new way. 

I’ve drawn on my 15+ years of experience in psychology, leadership development and behavioural change to develop a program aimed at building your skills and confidence in creating open dialogue and handling important
workplace conversations. 

We’ll work together in a way that creates genuine opportunities for learning, development and professional growth – at your own pace, and in your own personalised way. 

"We think we listen, but rarely do we listen with real understanding, true empathy. Yet listening, of this very potent kind, is one of the most potent forces of change I know."
Carl Rogers
Humanistic Psychologist

What does the program offer?

The program offers a structured, step-by-step approach to becoming a leader who listens more effectively, asks better questions, and creates better opportunities for others to contribute.

We’ll work together in a really practical and targeted way – allowing you to learn and experiment with new approaches in the context of your everyday work.

Another goal of the program is to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed or ‘pushed’ to do things that don’t feel right to you. Instead, we’ll explore opportunities to create change in meaningful, lasting ways. Finally, you’ll get ongoing support in tackling any barriers that come up along the way.

Importantly, while our goal is to improve your communication and conversational skills, our real objective is much deeper than that. The real benefits of the program relate to the flow on effects that result from becoming a great listener and communicator. Our ultimate goal is helping you to become the kind of leader who builds trust and understanding, and makes others feel comfortable sharing their ideas and concerns. A leader who encourages open and constructive dialogue and consistently gets the best from others.  

Is this program right for you?

Leaders seek out the individual support offered through the program for a range of reasons, depending on their role and environment. Do any of these challenges sound familiar to you?

  • You feel awkward when challenging topics come up during conversations. You aren't sure how to respond or what to say. Sometimes it just feels easier to avoid certain subjects or people altogether...
Tired and worried man using laptop at work
  • People often misunderstand your intentions during conversations. You’re genuinely trying to help or solve a problem, but others don’t see it that way.
  • You suspect things are being left unsaid in your meetings or 1-1s, but you aren’t sure why. Or people seem to hold back in meetings but have lots of ‘corridor conversations’ afterwards.
  • You find it hard to ‘connect’ with some of your people. You don’t really understand what makes them tick or how to manage them most effectively.
  • You know it’s important to listen and ask questions rather than simply giving answers - but find this difficult. You aren’t really sure how to actually ‘do’ this.
"Can you stay curious a little bit longer?

Can you rush to action and advice giving a little bit more slowly?"
Michael Bungay-stanier
Author of The Coaching Habit

Interested in knowing more? Here's how to get started...

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Step 2.  Watch your email for my reply and some suggested times for a phone / Zoom conversation. 

Step 3.  Hit “reply” to that email to answer any questions and schedule a time.

Step 4.  At the scheduled time, we’ll have a chat!  The conversation will be completely confidential with no obligation whatsoever. We’ll use the opportunity to explore whether or not the program is a perfect fit for you.  

Step 5.  If we decide we want to work together, I’ll share next steps.  If not, I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction!