Psychometric Assessment


Does your organisation need a more rigorous, reliable and objective recruitment and selection process?

Would you like to greatly reduce the risk of making ‘bad’ selection decisions, while simultaneously reducing costs, enhancing productivity, and increasing employee retention rates? Are you keen to better understand what makes your employees ‘tick’ when trying to train, develop and motivate them? If so, we can help.

Using our strong expertise in psychometric assessment, we offer a range of assessment solutions to organisations who are keen to find better ways to identify the ‘right’ person for the job. Studies have repeatedly shown that well-researched and objective psychometric assessment tools are powerful predictors of a candidate’s likely ability to perform on the job, regardless of the role.

Indeed, psychometric assessments are more reliable predictors of performance than many other factors traditionally considered during the recruitment process – such as interview data, referee reports, qualifications, and years of experience.

Consequently, psychometric assessment can greatly enhance an organisation’s ability to make accurate selection decisions, provided that robust, reliable, and relevant assessment tools are utilised appropriately.


Benefits of Psychometric Assessment

One of the primary benefits of psychometric assessment is that it allows you to gather information that isn’t easily obtained through other recruitment practices (e.g. resume reviews, interviews, etc.).

A good analogy to think about is buying a used car – you wouldn’t buy it without first taking a look at the mechanics, would you?  Using assessment essentially allows you to get a glimpse of what’s ‘under the bonnet’ when considering a candidate’s likely ability to successfully perform in a role.



Helps predict on-the-job performance


Identify strengths & potential development areas

Candidates less able to ‘fake’ results


Easily & objectively compare different candidates


Provides deeper, more comprehensive information

Reduces costs associated with ‘bad’ hiring decisions

Fairer, more objective & reliable process

Better understanding of individual motivations

Identify likely ‘fit’ within your team and environment

Less bias & reliance on ‘gut feel’

When should psychometric assessment be used?

Importantly, psychometric assessment should always be used in conjunction with other recruitment and selection activities rather than being a ‘stand-alone’ activity. It is also important that the right assessment tools are chosen based on a comprehensive analysis of the critical ‘success factors’ for the role. Typically, only shortlisted candidates are asked to complete psychometric assessments, with many assessment tools being available for candidates to complete online.

A standard psychometric battery will usually include a measure of an individual’s preferred work style, motivation, and preferences as well as measures of any job-relevant aptitudes (e.g. verbal comprehension, error checking, numerical skills, mechanical reasoning, abstract reasoning, etc.).


Our Psychometric Assessment Services

Using our strong expertise in psychometric assessment, we are able to offer a range of assessment solutions to organisations who wish to use more rigorous, objective, and reliable recruitment and selection processes within their business. Having worked within the assessment field for around 15 years, we have relevant qualifications, training and experience in a number of different assessment tools and methodologies, making us well positioned to identify a solution that effectively meets the specific needs of your business.

Indeed, we have literally administered, interpreted and provided feedback on thousands of psychometric assessments for a broad range of public and private sector clients, with Leisa Molloy (owner and founder of Flourishing Minds Consulting) also providing accreditation training on behalf of one of the most well known and reputable assessment test providers, Saville Consulting.  We also have experience using assessment at all levels of an organisation, from the ‘factory floor’ right up to the senior leadership and executive team.

High quality assessment solutions

We offer a range of ‘high touch’ assessment solutions that add rigour, objectivity, and insight to the recruitment process


Delivered by experienced, registered psychologists

Our psychologists have deep, practical experience in administering, interpreting, and reporting on assessment results

Practical & business relevant insights

We help you to make sense of the insights provided, applying the results to ‘real life’ recruitment, development & onboarding activities

Our consultants are all formally accredited, registered and qualified Organisational or Business Psychologists with years of experience in psychometric assessment.


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