Leadership & Professional Coaching



Professional and leadership coaching is increasingly being used by organisations to improve leadership performance, potential and effectiveness – typically with great success. Global studies indicate that almost all companies and individuals who hire a coach are satisfied with the experience as well as the results obtained from going through the process.

Why has coaching becoming so popular?  The answer is simple.  Coaching works.

Unlike many other leadership and professional development programs, coaching interventions are focused entirely on the unique situation, needs, and challenges of each individual participant.  This highly personalised, one-on-one approach results in maximum benefits and results for the individual being coached, in turn allowing them to make stronger and more positive contributions to organisational performance.


Coaching often results in leaders enhancing their ‘soft’ skills, thereby increasing their capacity to successfully engage and influence others and build strong and effective working relationships. Despite the critical importance of these people-related skills, many leaders and managers indicate a lack of confidence in this domain – especially those who have been promoted on the basis of strong technical skills and expertise.

Coaching is not simply a remedial intervention for those leaders whose performance is not meeting expectations. Instead, coaching can be used to further enhance and boost leadership performance in the same way that athletes and sports professionals use coaches to continually ‘lift their game’.

The more critical the role – and the greater the potential impact that an individual can have on results, systems and the performance and potential of others  – the greater the likely return on investment when it comes to personalised, one-on-one professional and leadership coaching interventions.

Importantly, coaching is not a remedial intervention designed only for those who are not meeting expectations or are ‘stuck’ in some way.  Of course coaching could potentially help in these situations.  However, coaching can also be used to further enhance and boost leadership performance in the same way that athletes and sports professionals use coaches to continually ‘lift their game’.


What outcomes can be expected from leadership coaching?

Coaching has been shown to provide a wide range of benefits for both individuals and organisations, in both the short and longer term.



Improved Self Confidence


Improved Work Performance


Improved Business Management


Improved Communication Skills


Benefits of coaching for individuals

  • Enhanced self-awareness, relationship management skills, and interpersonal insight and effectiveness
  • Greater clarity regarding critical goals and objectives
  • Enriched understanding of personal ‘blind spots’ and leadership derailers
  • Opportunity to change ineffective habits or patterns of behaviour
  • Ability to uncover and leverage ‘hidden’ strengths and opportunities
  • Greater levels of confidence and self-assurance
  • Reduced time spent pursuing unrealistic and unproductive goals
  • Opportunity to utilise your coach as an independent and objective ‘sounding board’
  • Greater motivation to set and work towards challenging or ‘stretch’ goals
  • Improved ability to manage stress, pressure, and ambiguity



Benefits of coaching for organisations

  • Increased emotional intelligence, self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness of leaders
  • Stronger relationships within teams & business units
  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity within leadership group
  • Greater clarity regarding strategic goals and objectives
  • More effective decision making and problem solving processes
  • Greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments made within leadership group
  • Leaders display increased confidence and self-assurance
  • Higher levels of retention – better able to retain top leadership talent
  • More strategically minded and focused employees
  • Leaders become more actively engaged within the role and organisation
  • Leaders are provided with an objective and independent ‘sounding board’ when making critical decisions


Why work with us?

We have years of experience in coaching and developing professionals, leaders and executives within a corporate setting, and all of our Consultants are formally registered and qualified Organisational or Corporate Psychologists.  Furthermore, we understand the unique challenges faced by those responsible for making critical business decisions, shaping an organisation’s culture, and leading and inspiring others.

Our unique combination of experience and qualifications means that as coaches, we will provide your leaders with support, encouragement and guidance while also holding them accountable for setting and achieving realistic and worthwhile goals that align with the organisation’s strategic objectives.

We offer a range of Professional and Leadership Coaching packages.  For more information, contact us today.