About Us


Flourishing Minds Consulting is a boutique consulting firm based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded by a Masters-qualified business psychologist we help leaders, teams and organisations to build stronger levels of trust, clarity, alignment and human connection. We opened in 2014. 

We often do this by helping leaders and their teams to more effectively navigate those conversations that really matter in the workplace. Other areas of focus include helping organisations or teams to define ways of working or fundamental values and guiding principles. We sometimes build success profiles for key roles or leadership teams, or work with our clients to identify the individual and collective strengths of their people.  

Ultimately, our aim is to help individuals and organisations to ‘grow’ and flourish by creating a workforce that is happier, more engaged and productive, and more likely to deliver positive outcomes. We achieve this through the application of experience, research and findings in the areas of:

· Organisational psychology

· Positive psychology

· Leadership and professional development

· Neuroscience and human cognition

· Employee engagement & motivation

· Talent identification and talent management

· Performance and potential

· Learning agility

Our Clients

Our ideal clients are organisations and businesses who are focused on developing a thriving, capable, and engaged workforce through strenthening capability, increasing engagement and well-being, ensuring organisational alignment, and getting the ‘right’ employees in the right roles. This often involves exploring and considering what success really ‘looks like’ in that organisation’s unique context and environment.

Given our focus on positive psychology, we particularly enjoy working with individuals, teams, and organisations to identify, explore, and develop existing strengths, rather than always focusing on ‘weaknesses’.

We also like working with clients who appreciate tailored solutions that are based on a careful consideration of individual needs and requirements, and delivered by qualified and experienced business psychologists. In our view, ‘one size fits all’ approaches to designing and delivering organisational development projects and interventions rarely work – particularly if the organisation’s unique culture, strategy and context have not been taken into account.

Our existing clients include a range of organisations from both the public and private sector, across a range of different industries and sectors. We are happy to work with businesses of all sizes, as well as engaging directly with individuals.

Our Experience

Along with qualifications and experience in Organisational Psychology, we have significant experience in delivering both small and large projects across a range of different organisational environments. As such, we have developed a solid understanding of the common challenges faced by many organisations, including those experienced by business owners, leaders, and HR professionals. Consequently, our methods and approaches are guided by best practice while also taking practical business requirements and constraints into account.  We are based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our People

Leisa Molloy is the founder and Director of Flourishing Minds Consulting, playing a lead role in scoping, designing and delivering the majority of client projects. We work alongside a broader team of qualified Associates when delivering larger projects or completing work that requires diverse expertise. All of our Associates hold appropriate qualifications and have significant expertise and experience in the relevant subject areas. Our focus is always on getting the best result for our clients – as such, we are more than happy to provide referrals to others within our professional networks when appropriate.

Leisa Molloy

Leisa Molloy - Owner & Business Psychologist

The founder of Flourishing Minds Consulting, Leisa is a Masters-qualified Business Psychologist, facilitator and OD Specialist who enjoys helping leaders, teams and organisations to build greater alignment, trust and connection. She does this through the application of research & findings in the fields of organisational and positive psychology, neuroscience, leadership, employee engagement and motivation, behavioural change, and learning and development.

She is particularly passionate about helping leaders and teams to improve their communication skills and skillfully navigate important workplace conversations, with a focus on building trust, psychological safety, clarity, and connection. She loves facilitating these conversations via workshops and employee focus groups, also working with leaders and groups to build their own levels of confidence and skill in these areas.

Leisa also supports organisations in managing talent and getting the ‘right’ people into the ‘right’ roles. She has designed and delivered numerous projects involving success profiling, leadership capability frameworks, talent management, leadership principles or agreed ways of working, and ‘high touch’, in-depth leadership capability assessments for development and succession purposes (including 360 Degree Feedback as well as psychometric, behavioural and strengths-based assessments).

Throughout her career Leisa has worked with employees & leaders at all levels, across a broad range of industries and within both public and private sector organisations.

As well as being the owner of Flourishing Minds Consulting, Leisa also has significant experience working within and providing Associate services on behalf of several national and global HR, organisational psychology, career development, recruitment, and consulting firms.

Her formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Graduate Diploma in Science (Psychology), and Masters of Psychology (Organisational). She is a registered psychologist within Australia (AHPRA) and a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).  She also holds a Level One Coaching Certification from the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL), and Professional membership with the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI). She is accredited in a broad range of psychometric tools and has completed a number of courses in the area of positive psychology, learning agility, and well-being.

Why work with us?

Given our formal qualifications and experience in Organisational Psychology, we bring a depth of understanding in human behaviour to our work with individuals, teams, and organisations. In working with you, we are also able to draw upon our broad experience and knowledge in the areas of leadership development, neuroscience, positive psychology, employee motivation and performance, and behavioural change.