Helping leaders and their teams to build trust, alignment, and human connection.

Flourishing Minds Consulting is a boutique organisational psychology consulting firm that specialises in helping organisations, leaders and teams to build stronger levels of alignment, trust, clarity, psychological safety, and human connection. 

We are based in Melbourne, Australia.

Build greater confidence, skills and insight around handling difficult conversations – where emotions run high, opinions vary, and the stakes are high. 

Individual, one-on-one support for leaders who want to build their skills and confidence in handling important workplace conversations.

Support in identifying and defining the key skills, knowledge, experience, capabilities & attributes required for success in various roles.

Facilitated workshops aimed at identifying, exploring, and finding ways to more effectively leverage individual and collective strengths.

LEGO® Serious Play® workshops

As an experienced business psychologist and accredited Lego® Serious Play® facilitator, our founder Leisa Molloy can work with your business to design and deliver a unique Lego Serious Play workshop.

facilitation & coaching photograph sets

We sell a range of modern, compelling and affordable workshop facilitation photograph sets for use by coaches, consultants, counsellors, and facilitators. Each purchase also includes a free digital guide containing a range of ideas and activities for using your new set of facilitation photographs.  


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