Services for Organisations

How can we help organisations?  Put simply, we help organisations to grow and flourish through their people.


Some of the biggest challenges faced by organisations are those relating to people.  How do you select the right employees for your business?  How do you keep people motivated and engaged?   What can you do to maximise employee performance?   How do you develop strong leaders?  How can you support people through times of change?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, we can help.

We particularly enjoy partnering with professional services firms and SMEs, as well as any organisation who might benefit from our expertise and knowledge in selecting, engaging and retaining talented employees and maximising the performance of teams and leaders.

Importantly, our approach to working with organisations is similar to the approach we employ when working with individuals.  Given that each organisation is unique in terms of its goals, challenges and history, we will spend time upfront really getting to know your business in order to successfully meet your needs and develop a strong, collaborative partnership.

We work with organisations in a wide variety of ways – for more information on our services explore the links below or contact us anytime.

Professional & Leadership Coaching

We can help you to boost the performance and potential of your leaders and managers.

Career Transition & Outplacement

We offer a range of personalised and flexible, one-on-one Career Transition and Outplacement programs.

Psychometric & Behavioural Assessment

We can help you to reduce the risk of making ‘bad’ and costly recruitment and hiring decisions.

Success Profiles & Competency Frameworks

We can help you to identify what strong performance or ‘success’ looks like in your most critical roles.

Behavioural Interview Training

We offer comprehensive training, support, and coaching in structured Behavioural Interviewing techniques.

Organisational & 360 Degree Surveys

We have the knowledge and experience required to successfully design and implement a range of organisational surveys.